You know how some teams are going mad because they have to constantly be creative and they feel the stress to come up with the next big thing?

We design adventures to make it easier for them to get to innovative solutions; and these solutions are a reflection of the team's talents, passions, and values.

Are you a team leader or a manager who wants your team to work from a place of alignment with the values and vision of the company? Where team members are a living and breathing community of talents together creating the greatest product ever?

We take creative teams that recently started or are about to start their team journey through a process of becoming a working community of talented people. We help them set

  • frameworks of communication that supports the way individuals work together;
  • understanding of who is in the room and how to make the diversity an advantage rather than a hindrance;
  • an alignment of why are people on this team, what draws them to the project and make that drive the principal source of energy to make it happen;

For accomplishing that we use tools such as Business Model Canvas, design thinking, Chaordic stepping stones, Non-violent communication, Medicine Wheel, getting things done process and other tools that may be useful to cater the specific need in the team.

Contact us at and tell us your story. What is going well? What would you love to have some support with? We believe we can help you with many questions. If not, we will be honest and tell you that.


IkasHub team.JPG

Sheila, Cristina and Ander becoming a team – IkasHub story

Sheila, Cristina and Ander came from Spain. They were extremely interested in what a Knowmadic way of doing business looks like. What it means to be an entrepreneur in the broadest sense when it merely stands for making the change you want to see in the world happen. Learning on the way how to stay true to yourself and using your talents. Throughout the weekends they realized they are on the right track, they discussed how they want to work as a team, how to continue, what is important to them.

A year after they came to ‘Weekend series’ they opened up the IkasHub in Bilbao where they offer an alternative to what learning meant to Spanish people until today. And they also invited us to cooperate in an EU project with them. Keep your fingers crossed we make it through the selection. We truly want to work with them and shape the face of education shoulder to shoulder.