Go Mad in 6 days


Do you feel unfulfilled and unfocused in your job because 
you feel you are not making a difference in the world? 

Well, this leadership training is all about learning how to 
love and value yourself, recognizing your strengths
defining your passion and combining that with 
practical tools to help you stand firmly in your profession.

More than 65 people joined this program and 85% 
of them courageously started a tremendous 
 in their lives right away. 


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Create your own path course

CREATE YOUR OWN PATH online course

You know how sometimes people simply feel stuck in their current job or University program? They feel they are not getting things done, they are confused and tired? Do you recognize yourself in this scenario? Well, this might be something for you. 

Create your own path is an online version of our powerful offline program Go Mad in 6 days. More than 60 people changed the way they see themselves, work and entrepreneurship. 

"This one workshop has liberated me from all the ridiculous limiting beliefts I had about entrepreneruship. I am now free to work, play and learn HARD!" MARIA KOOISTRA JEWELLERY, Amsterdam

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You know those meetings that feel like a waste of time, boring, and unproductive? We train teams how to structure and lead their meetings where everyone has clarity on what to do, feels acknowledged, and ready for action.

“Meaningful meetings are refreshing. In our case it made our interactions more essential and in the same time more effective. Going from weekly 3-hour meetings to about 1-hour meetings. Need I say more?”

— Jaron Reisman, Greenhouse

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This club's purpose is to empower women in entrepreneurship to contribute to a re-definition of doing business. We are creating a tribe of women entrepreneurs that support each other in a holistic way. As female entrepreneurs, we stand for what we believe in and feel the power to make a change with our businesses in this society and the planet.  Together we are changing the face of doing business and contributing to the health and balance of the world.

Our meetups revolve around Passion, Purpose, People, and Profit. The process is built in such a way that we'll grow our business through various holistic tools and also on a networking level where we provide a fun and easy framework for you to pitch your business needs so that other members know where and how they can support you.

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