After jumping from job to job without a clue how to put our passions into the world through social entrepreneurship (well, Kristin didn’t even know her passions), we both found Knowmads, an alternative business school that focuses on different ways of doing business.

Through our education we learned many valuable lessons and practical tools. The entire experience allowed us to grow into loving who we are without hiding it yet being proud and accepting our past, present and future selves. We even discovered what we want to offer to people, why we are determined to do it and how to start a business. All of this gave us such peace, power, and joy that we wanted to share our adventure with the world.

So Kristin moved to Europe, Neza stayed in Holland and we decided to create a place where any Knowmad at heart can Go Mad and live life with courage and passion firmly rooted in their talents, dreams and values. At Go Mad we want to provide you with a frame where you can explore, fail, be goofy, and most importantly express yourself so that you can navigate within all the chaos that life throws at you.

Neža Krek

She’s from the land of sLOVEnia.  With a love for facilitation and community building, she has a Masters in language and Sociology of culture. She is passionate about learning and designing processes for people to learn from what is happening in their lives. 'How to make the life the best learning playground' is the question that drives her when creating trainings, meetings and coaching sessions.

She is specially strong in: Non-violent communication, graphic recording, deep listening, rephrasing and authentic movement.  She is also certified in Genuine contact, Open Space technology, Oasis Game, Future search with experience in Art of hosting.


Kristin Higy

Our American influence who wears yoga clothes even when she’s not doing yoga (so American). A graduate of the University at Albany in New York, she has a degree in business and communication. She has a background in trying out many different types of jobs that last 8 months or shorter. An obsessed fitness fanatic that got a taste of Europe before coming to Knowmads by playing professional basketball in Germany and Finland. Kristin recently took the leap again by moving to Europe to join the Go Mad team and starting her new life as a knowmadic business woman in Amsterdam.

Her current mad obsession is personal leadership and dissecting how people do leadership. Other obsessions include but aren't limited to finding the best brownie in Amsterdam, housework, dogs on bikes, yoga, and beets.

We are equipped with a vast toolbox in the following fields.

in the field of communication: Non-violent communication, Deep democracy (decision making approach), storytelling, online marketing, heart sales, visual harvesting or graphic recording

in the field of business design: Business model canvas, Chaordic stepping stones, branding, process design, goal setting, getting things done processes, project development and planning,

in the field of personal development: Nature quest, dreaming circles, empathic listening, clarity coaching, mindfulness

in the field of process design: Genuine contact, Art of hosting, Oasis game, Open space technology, cooperative games, gamification