We met in 2012 at Knowmads International Business School. We were all part of Tribe 5 and have gone through an intense 1-year program of social entrepreneurship, business and project design, facilitation and process design. For both of us the program meant a milestone in our lives. We gained so much awareness about our talents, desires, dreams, goals and emotional baggage that has been in our way to already live them fully in a fulfilled life that we wanted to share that experience with the world. We started a project of a condensed Knowmadic experience under the umbrella of the Knowmads GO initiative and a year later decided to establish our own company ‘Go Mad’.

We have gone mad about guiding people through processes of finding out what they want in life and how to get there.

We are developing in close connection to the school and we organize our programs at the headquarters of Knowmads Amsterdam. It is a cool place - it has a swing, a piano, billions of couches, unreliable internet and a cat named Pookie. We still argue whether it's a he or a she (long story).

Go Mad_Pookie