we are grateful for so many things ... and above all we are grateful for all the people who have come our way and helped us on our way to making our dreams come true

Thank you ...

... Laura, for starting with us. For bringing your soul and wisdom to our dreaming circles, for taking up the role of Fred when needed, to pushing the pause button and having the courage to acknowledge what you really want in life.

... Rodrigo, Johannes, Georg, Joyce, Joep and Leonie for making awesome pictures and movies,

... Daniel, for screaming 'Go, giiiiirls!' whenever bursting into the building and giving us the power boost to move on,

... Pieter, for telling us that you are proud of us,

... Elad, for equipping us with unforgettable e-mail addresses,

... Mercedes, Ugne and Rosanna for doing magic in the kitchen,

... our friends and family for believing in us,

... all the people who didn't understand what are we doing so we could get better at explaining,

... Guus for being our fan cheering from Vietnam and Ivo doing so from Spain,

... Geert, Jord and that mysterious tall, sporty and entrepreneurial guy for sticking around to see it happening,

... to ourselves for believing in our dreams.


And we are grateful to the companies in our network who support us on our way: