Do you feel unfulfilled and unfocused in your job because you feel you are not making a difference in the world? Well, this leadership training is all about learning how to love and value yourself, recognising your strengths, defining your passion and combining that with practical tools to help you stand firmly in your profession.

OH, AND ...
More than 65 people joined this program and 85% of them courageously started a tremendous transformation in their lives right away. 

We bring together a diverse group of students, entrepreneurs and corporates from 3 different companies. Bringing all these people from different ways of working brings up inspiration, fosters mutual learning and connecting beyond the usual What do you do? question.


SPRING: 2 days in June 2015 - a short version of 6 days program!

  • 6th - 7th June 2015 (Sat-Sun)
  • in Sevilla, Spain 
  • in Spanish

AUTUMN: 2 weekends in October 2015

  • 10-12th and 16-18th (Sat-Mon and Fri-Sun)
  • in Amsterdam, The Netherlands 



Through our own Go Mad methodology, we lead you on an adventure of 10 phases where you figure out what you are being called to do in this life and learn to put that calling into action.

Within our Go Mad methodology is a series of techniques where you'll learn and explore through all 5 expressing types; visual and drawing, movement, storytelling, writing, and artistic expression

Paradigm shifts in leadership and business are the underlying elements of the Go Mad methodology. Experience a balance of feminine and masculine approaches in personal and entrepreneurial development. After going mad in 6 days you will have taken your passion and put it into action. 

Go Mad Methdology
It was as if I jumped into a world where being social means nothing more than being true, where business means love and dreaming big has nothing to do with wanting to be the best.
— Lena, student at Utrecht University, Netherlands


Ola before the program 

Ola was a dedicated, hard worker in her job but she knew she was not doing what she loved. She was thinking " maybe I want to start my own company to be able to do things my way ... "

And secretly she really wanted to apply for a job at Google but her head was full of voices telling her: "You are not good enough!"

She was looking for the courage to go forth and apply (for the job she was more than qualified). 

During the program she discovered her core values and figured out what felt so off about her current job - she was not living her values at all (and that felt really bah).

Ola, Google via TeleTech, Ireland and Poland

GO Mad_Ola

Ola after the program

After the part of the program on limiting beliefs Ola stepped forward and sent the application. And you know what? She got the job. 

She presented herself with such certainty that they took her right away. Because now she knows who she is and how she wants to work. 

She is using what she experienced at Go Mad in 6 days with herself and her team. She discovered the power of working from your strengths, values and talents and got the tools to lead her team towards a collaborative working environment. 

More about her story is on this blog post.


Huib before the program

Huib came after 3 years of feeling stuck financially, unfocused and sad about the way the world was doing. 

He felt such a strong need to belong that he shouted for attention - he was telling everyone about what he found important: Lyme disease. 

Also to people who didn't want to listen and then felt misunderstood. Imagine the frustration.

Then, something interesting happened. He had fun. He surrendered to the playfulness of the program. And it helped him to let go of his limiting beliefs, surrender and be fully present in the moment. That allowed him to align with his purpose


Huib, Lyme foundation, Netherlands


Huib after the program

For Huib it became crystal clear what his purpose is. He wants to educate about Lyme to those who could benefit from the topic. 

He found his own way of working that is guided by the purpose: "Now that I feel that the purpose is bigger than me everything is easy!"

With his clarity he attracted a strong community of people affected by the illness. They helped him to create the Lyme foundation

"I learned how to choose, how to delegate and my leadership style is very much about doing things that are good for me. Now I feel free in what I do. I don't care anymore if people like me or not because I know why I am here."


Marja before the program

Marja was a young mom working at a job she didn't like but felt great connection and loyalty to the company itself and its owners. Since she had a kid at home and bills to pay she had the fear of letting the financial security go.

During the program she realized the difficulty with her job was that it was clashing with her core value. Sustainability. (What was she doing, you ask? She was buying products to sell - very unsustainable.)

At the program we did some deep work on beliefs around money and then ... 


Marja, community manager, Netherlands

go mad marja

Marja after the program

A week after the end of Go Mad in 6 days she sent us this message: 

"Hey, ladies! I am sill enjoying the vibe I got from 6 days at GO! And it has lead me to give up my job and to start something completely new! Very exciting!!! Cause money flows to me with whatever I do, so there is no need to worry."

It has been almost 2 years from then and now she is working as a successful freelancer in community building. She is happy and rocking it! 



Days 1-2-3 are focused on you. We will lead you through powerful exercises and group coaching to shed some light on questions like: What are your talents and how to fully embrace them? What are you dreaming for your professional future? What are your core values that drive your decisions? How do you make those decisions? What are the self-limitations you picked up along the way and is it time to let them go? How can I create a life filled with freedom?

In a nutshell: who are you and when are you at your best. So, a lot of clarity on your talents, dreams and values. 


Days 4-5-6 are focused on your work. Through tools and What do you want to do with the talents you found? What type of a leader do you want to be for your own life? What is your work and life purpose? How do you want to act and step in to your work? What are the supportive structures you need to fulfill your own version of success? How can you use your community as a catalyst? 

In short: What do you want to do and how do you want to express that madness of yours to the world.

KM_Go-5 (1).jpg
I was struggling. I was looking for a direction for my life and hoping for some answers ... And I got them (Thank god :)
— Merel, now music industry professional


FEEL ... 

  • "... confident, re-invigorated, in touch creatively," says Elles from Logic Locks (a really cool escape room in Amsterdam)

  • abundance of possibilities
  • ease and relief knowing that whatever is supposed to happen is the right thing to happen
  • focused on what you want to do in this world
  • connected to your higher self

DO ... 

  • "...really cool approaches to re-connect with yourself" says Klemen, young professional from Slovenia

  • question your beliefs and paradigms 
  • explore
  • take time to go to unknown places within yourself
  • take action and implement the wisdom you've gained into your own world. You're going to get things done!
  • move, speak, dance, write, act, draw, and create 

HAVE ...

  • "... lots of inspiration for my life and for my own way of facilitating," says Nastja from Berlin
  • a community of people you know you can trust
  • the tools to stay focused in what you choose to do
  • a plan how to achieve your dream
  • exercises to connect with authenticity
  • awareness of how and why you work the way you do
  • clarity on what is next 


Go Mad know


I was surprised by how holistic this course is, dealing with beliefs, intuitive writing, body work...I loved it!
— Leonie Gabriella, Dutch entrepreneur

We believe the learning can happen most effectively when we pay attention to the body, mind and the soul at the same time. 

The program is structured in such a way you will be engaging your mind to think about the question at hand and then feel it and express it through your body. For balance we incorporate meditation and relaxation and elements of yoga and Pilates. 

We make sure the food is supporting the program, so all vegetarian and lots of yummy snacks. 


Neza and Kristin

Meet Neža and Kristin, from Slovenia and the US who met in 2012 at an international Business School for social entrepreneurs called Knowmads.

for More about Neza click on this picture.

for More about Neza click on this picture.

for more about kristin click on this picture.

for more about kristin click on this picture.


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