Go Mad is a freedom consultancy company. Working with people who want to channel their inner madness and live life with courage and passion firmly rooted in their talents, dreams, and values. We take you through adventures that allow you to truly be yourself, learning to love and embrace all that is there, so you can listen to what you're called to do and lead a life doing what you love. That's what we call freedom!


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Hi there! We are Neža and Kristin - the Go Mad team. People sometimes say we are a little bit crazy and we don't really mind. We take it as a compliment since we believe that people who have gone mad are those who follow their passion and make sure their talents are used of the better in this world. 

And, oh boy, are we different! Neža is from Slovenia, Kristin from US. Neža loves nature and walking through the forrest, Kristin is declaring her loyalty to the urban world. Neža used to be a teacher and Kristin a professional basketball player. 

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"Go Mad teaches you how to undo yourself from all your limiting thoughts and beliefs that are stopping you from living your dream life. They show you how you can gain more personal freedom and shape your life to your desires." ~Leonie Gabriella (entrepreneur, www.plantbliss.com)



Everything we do has its backbone in our methodology we stumbled upon while working with individuals and companies. 

We apply each of the 10 steps through 5 types of expression: visual and drawing, movement, storytelling, writing, and artistic expression. 

Every project we do is also addressing leadership, entrepreneurship, spirituality, collaboration, and playfulness. 

You can say our work is hmm ... holistic. For more reading click here ...





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Visit our blog to get deeper insights into our mad world. We write about how we see the world of work and how can people get to love what they do, themselves or their co-workers. We are mad about working differently than the mindsets most of current working environments provide. We combine play, getting things done and personal development in entrepreneurship.

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The first thing we do when people come to our core leadership training Go Mad in 6 days is to figure out what are their core values. 

When you are clear on what is your foundation all the other things go easier. Here are the foundations of our company: 

Freedom - Learning - Adventure - Honesty

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After jumping from job to job without a clue how to put our passions into the world through social entrepreneurship, we both found Knowmads, an alternative business school that focuses on different ways of doing business.

Read here for more about our year experience at this Business School that allowed us to grow into loving who we are without hiding it yet being proud and accepting our past, present and future selves.