Create your OWN path online program

You know how sometimes people simply feel stuck in their current job or University program? They feel they are not getting things done, they are confused and tired? Do you recognize yourself in this scenario? Well, this might be something for you. 

Create your own path is an online version of our powerful offline program Go Mad in 6 days. More than 60 people changed the way they see themselves, work and entrepreneurship. 

"This one workshop has liberated me from all the ridiculous limiting beliefts I had about entrepreneruship. I am now free to work, play and learn HARD!" MARIA KOOISTRA JEWELLERY, Amsterdam

By the end of this program you will:

  • feel confident about your skills and talents
  • design a strong vision for your life
  • know what drives your decisions 

  • know where do you want to spend your energy in the future 

  • have a business or a project plan for the next steps in your journey

What will you get? 

  • 2 coaching sessions via Skype or Hangout (45 min with Kristin and 45 min with Neža)
  • group support where you'll gain wisdom from others in the program and join the Go Mad Tribe
  • pdf workbook packed with simple tips and homework
  • e-mails guiding you through creating your own path

All that? How much is it? 400 EUR (you will receive an invoice. Upon payment, you will start creating your path)

I'm in. What do I need to do? Sing up with an email to

Not sure yet? Contact us at and we can have a chat if this is what you are looking for.