Values of our company

Values are the core of what we do at Go Mad. They anchor us and make sure the company is communicating what we stand for. When we did the exercise that is the essential piece of our core program Go Mad in 6 days, we found these 4 values that we have in common. 


If we're not learning, we're not growing. No matter what we're doing we're always making sure to take the learnings out of it. Learning keeps the connection with the kid inside us. We love Ah-ha moments and are never bored because there is always something to discover and be curious about. Learning is about awareness and asking yourself what you're really taking from a situation. What do you want to learn and unlearn?


Being honest means being connected to who you really are. It's admitting your limits and daring to be vulnerable with your own truths. It's courage, a way of living. We believe if you're honest with yourself the sadness and suffering will pass. The world is happier when we're truly honest with each other and especially with ourselves.

Go Mad_value of honesty
Go Mad_value of freedom


Doing what we please and nothing can stop us, not even ourselves. Freedom implies a choice, consequences, and ground to thrive. We work with our internal freedoms which are the areas in our life we're free in and free from. The external freedoms are the frames we set for ourselves like the city we choose to live in or the job we decide to take. When we're truly free we know it because ease and lightness is surrounding us. 


Doing something that a part of you doesn't dare to and the other part cannot resist doing. This is adventure to us. It's uncharted territory. Because you've never been here before, it's the moment when everything is possible. We love that feeling! Boldness and courage are intertwined within adventure. It's scary and puts you in a vulnerable position because it's a whole new experience.