Go Mad with Ola


Who has gone mad: Ola Kruszelnicka

From: Poland 

Lives in: Dublin, Ireland

What is your mad obsession at the moment?

Do I have to choose only one thing I'm crazy about at the moment? Impossible! Firstly I'm totally into my job. I care about my work place, I care about my colleagues and want them to feel good in our office environment. I'm willing to make an effort to make it happen.

Complaining is acceptable but only after an action, after giving our best.

                           Ola at the Color Run

                           Ola at the Color Run

I love action and being busy. I love passionate people and organizing different events. With my friends I organize dance classes in Dublin a few times a week and weekly Language Exchange for people from all over the world. Workshops, dance congresses, venue management, fan pages, social media, promotion & marketing- all of these are so much fun! 

To find a balance in my busy world I need a moment for jogging, yoga and meditation. I'm obsessed with health & a green lifestyle.

How would you say you're doing leadership?

I don't consider myself as a leader of someone else. I don't even dare to think about it. However what I believe in is that I take leadership over my own life. I contribute and try to create the world around me.

I take an action, I do my best.

I also fail. I make mistakes but that's ok as far as I learn from them. I let them go and I look forward to a new future.

What's your definition of leadership?

Once Pieter (founder of Knowmads Business School) posted a beautiful definition of leadership. I always have it with me and read it from time to time: 

Learn, Empower, Ask questions, Dream, Engage, Rise, Speak up, Have fun, Inspire, Prepare.

For me a leader is a person who inspires me to take an action. I follow him/her because I want to not because I have to. I do it for myself. (inspired by TED as I'm addicted..)


What are you doing as work currently?

I work on a Google Adwords project for Google via Teletech. I'm responsible for Quality in our program.  

What I like the most about my position is that I cooperate with every single person at the office and I also work with many reps from our international teams. My aim is to create an open & safe space to share not only our knowledge and experiences but also successes and concerns. I find brainstorming, coaching sessions and all our open discussions very inspiring and beneficial for the project.

For me it is very important that they know I'm there for them and they can count on me.

Sales is a very demanding environment. I organize coaching sessions for reps. Sometimes they need a bit of courage, be heard by someone or hear that they are great. 

Last but not least is my cooperation with the training department. I deliver training to newbies and progressive training classes. My friends know I'm definitely not a 'stage' person. Frankly I feel much better backstage. But hell yeah I'm doing it and I'm becoming more confident day by day while delivering training. 

Ah, and I lead the fun committee! A little action in our office: Question Board, some mad events, team competitions, Breakfast at Teletech's, games, Bday celebrations etc. Everything that makes people smile and creative. Little things make a big difference. 

One of mine values is 'challenge'. This is why I like my job. Every day is different. Every day brings a new challenge. Every day I try to be better than I was the day before.

How has the Go Mad weekend series (now go mad in 6 days) influenced your life after a year? Do you live or work differently? If yes, how? 

The quote that stuck with me from those 6 days was when Neza told me, "You don't have to be better to be great."

I used to say, "I'm not enough."

I'm much braver than I used to be. I let myself be creative, come up with mad ideas and implement them. I'm not afraid of speaking out...ok, I'm scared sometimes but I do it anyways. But I'm not afraid of what people say. I can't make everyone happy. 

I've also started listening to myself and body. I dissect the feelings I have and am learning to respect my intuition. 

I practice at work some of the tools I've learned during the workshop: coaching & brainstorming sessions, active listening, positive communication methods, giving feedback etc. 

Finally I respect myself and I let things go which no longer help me grow or make me happy. I'm not obsessed with what other people think.  I used to need approval now I just get it from myself. I see in people partners, co-workers and not competitors. 

To sum it all up, I'm aware this is a process of my own personal transformation. I enjoy it, explore and discover the new me and world around me. It's not done yet. I don't even expect to be done one day. It's a process. It's an all-the-time thing

What advice do you have for those who are going mad?

Dream big! Don't be afraid to try different things. Give yourself a shot to experiment and make mistakes. Go for whatever makes you happy. Find and focus on your core values.

Ask yourself, "What is important to me at the moment?" and then ask, "Do I have it now and what do I need to do to have it or keep it?"

What's up next for Ola?

Well, right now I love my job. It hits all my core values of challenge, experience, and fun. When that day comes where I'm ready for a different challenge, I'd like to work online, go abroad, be a freelancer, do some coaching, and make something good for the world.

My goal is to experience as many things as possible.


Thanks Ola!