Go Mad with Digital Nomadz


Who is Digital Nomadz?

We're Steve and Diana. Traveling social entrepreneurs from the Netherlands. We quit our corporate jobs in 2012, bought tickets to Central America and have been on a crazy adventure ever since. We started WorkingWonderfully to enable everybody to work and live on their own terms in a more meaningful way. 

                      Diana and Steve of Digital Nomadz

                      Diana and Steve of Digital Nomadz

What is your mad obsession at the moment?


We want to live life to the fullest and make as little money as possible doing it. We won't let money interfere with what we want to do in life.

For the past 2 years we haven't paid rent. We've made deals with hotels here in Mexico where we do freelance projects for them and in return we have a beautiful place to stay. 

We're living the minimalistic lifestyle. When we left the Netherlands, we gave up 90% of all our possessions. The rest of it went in our backpacks.

Diana: I felt like all that stuff defined me. But I was more than that and I wanted to see who I was beyond all that stuff. I am someone who loves yoga and a girl who loves to listen to people. 

What are you currently up to?

Right now we're living on a Mexican island called Isla Holbox. We just finished giving the 3rd edition of our 2 week training on life style design to some people from Europe. It's how we make our money to pay for the gas to our Volkswagen bus or things we cannot get by bartering. 

But more than making money, it allows us to share our lessons and philosophy on life.

Since we're on tourists visas here in Mexico, we have a company back home in the Netherlands that allows us to earn money. There's always a way to earn money while traveling. It's about coming up with creative solutions within the boundaries and frames you are working with..

Name 1 serendipitous thing that's happened to you since you've gone mad?

While at our hotel in Isla Olbox, we met a couple who were giving yoga retreats around the world. We swapped our stories and really connected. They invited us to India for a 3 month yoga teaching training in exchange that we would help them with their online marketing. We went to India earlier this year for 3 months doing yoga everyday and continuing our Digital Nomadz work. 

How would you say you're doing leadership?

Listening to our heart, our gut, and that small voice in our heads. 

It's saying, "do something different." Of course it can be difficult  because it doesn't take into account what friends and parents are saying and thinking. 

All we know is that when we make a decision it really feels rights.

Is there advice you want to give to those going mad in their job or work?

Call everything you do an experiment. This way you can never really fail. You either learn from the experiment or you succeed. And both end results are great! 

We've done at least 100 new experiments since we set out on this journey...can we travel and make money, can we train for a triathlon, live in a Volkswagen bus, etc?

It's the mindset of "I don't have to do this for the rest of my life. I'll just try and see what happens."

What also works is sharing your dreams and story with everyone. It opens doors we never knew were there like the yoga training in India. Because we are listening to our hearts and trusting the universe the right people are always there for us to meet. 

What's next for Digital Nomadz?

The next stop is Tulum, Mexico where we'll help some new friends set up a bed and breakfast. We'll be setting up their website, creating pictures and videos, and doing their online marketing. 

After that, we'll head to Belize and Guatemala. Our dream is to create a 100% sustainable bed and breakfast in South America where we'll grow our own food. So everything we're doing (like shadowing our friends in Tulum) is supporting us in making our dream a reality. 


You can find Diana and Steve online at

Digital Nomadz


Want to visit them in person and create your own lifestyle experience?

Join their Lifestyle Design Program November 17-29th in Mexico. Now there's a good excuse to start your mad adventure!


How does Go Mad know Digital Nomadz?

Diana and Steve contacted us last year to see how we could collaborate during their short trip back to the Netherlands.  We invited them to be guest facilitators during our May Go Mad Weekend Series of 2013. They gave a workshop on the business model canvas and held a storytelling evening during the Go Mad weekend.