Give positive feedback


I walked into a restaurant in Los Angles Chinatown. There were at least 3 other restaurants crammed around that one and still I chose Chego. 

When I finished my (yummy!) meal I decided to give my reasons why I chose their restaurant over the neighboring ones. 

The waitress was quite surprised when I said: "I would like to tell you why I entered your place. Is it ok that I tell you?". 

Her face shone when I continued: "Your place was the only one with inviting pictures of real life happening in the kitchen, the photos are well done with lots of colors and quality shots. The inside also has color and when you talk to you customers your eyes shine which makes me trust you enjoy what you do." 

Her reaction was heartwarming.

"Yes, our chef specifically wanted a professional photographer and had a vision about the colors! I will go and tell him your thoughts right away. This is so great to hear! And yes, I love working here!"

Who's talents will you highlight today?