21st Century Truth Telling


Tell the truth. 

Remember when your mom used to say that to you when you were young? You know, back in the 20th century?

This phrase has a very strong connection to my childhood. It's not that I lied a lot when I was a child, it was that my mom wanted to drill this principle (or commandment if you grew up Christian like I did) into my bones.

Thou shall not lie. 

I admit I've certainly told my fair share of lies or as I would call them white lies over the years, who hasn't? But there was always a part of me that didn't feel good about it. That I wasn't fully being myself, like a piece of me was missing. Which is probably why 10 minutes later I'd confess and tell the truth

Yes, go ahead and put me in the category of horrible liar or really good truth teller. 

Recently though my lying or truth telling has shifted into a different focus.

How to tell my own truth. 

It's been a question on my mind the last few weeks. The other day I had an aura reading by one of our past participants from our GO series in November. Can you guess the general theme?

Being honest and true to myself. Connecting to my authentic self and having the courage to show it to my community and world. 

Truth telling in it's rawest form.

Being who you are and expressing it to the world without blame or judgement. 

As we get older, telling the truth to someone in regards to something we did comes way easier. It's the truth telling about ourselves that's the hardest as we go deeper into the 21st century. To be completely honest in our own expression. 

What I want to say is that we're all struggling to tell our own truths. What's dying to be expressed from the inner chambers of our hearts. You feel it inside not knowing exactly what it is that's trying to rip itself out but you know it needs to come out. 

You want it to burst out and share it with the world. 

This is where I am. Trying to listen to what is inside of me and then expressing it without blame or judgement. 

I dare you to try it. 

Practice this week by telling your absolute truth. 

How do you do it? Here are a few exercises I'm experimenting with...

1. Take 5-60 minutes every day doing only what your heart desires. Maybe you need to sit in silence or go for a walk in the forest to practice listening to your heart. For me, it's practicing turning off any thoughts in my mind (and omg, I have thousands!), focusing my mind on my heart then doing the first thing that crosses my mind. It's exhilarating to see what your heart wants to express at that moment. Go mad, try it!

2. When someone asks you how you're doing answer with your absolute truth. Scan your entire body. Share the feelings or in my case share how you don't feel anything (or don't know how to name that feeling). Tell what's on your heart. Keep talking, keep sharing until the feeling of relief comes and you feel that all is said that needs to be said.  Go mad, try it!

3. Ask yourself "Am I being completely honest with myself?" in every situation. Yes, I know, that's pretty impossible to do it in every. single. situation but it's the practice of asking the question. Having this question on my mind throughout the day helps me to remember how I want to be living. In complete and absolute honesty and truth.

And just how do I know I'm completely honest? A feeling of relief subsides over me. For you something else may happen. I would love to know. So please share in the comments! It could help others recognize more cues of truth telling or not telling the truth. 

Go  mad, tell your truth!