Popping the Balloon of Passion

In this very moment a lot of passion is bubbling around the globe, especially in Holland. As I write these lines, the bars are filled with people dressed in orange and cheering for the national soccer team (hopefully) winning somewhere in Brazil.

If I asked around these days, many people would say they are passionate about football. And if I investigated further, hardly anyone would tell me that they are doing everything possible to make football their life purpose. 

It is simply ONE OF their passions.


Hence, I would like to share my thoughts on the reoccurring belief nowadays that everyone needs to know and follow their ONE true passion.

Passion is such a big word it’s daunting. You might recognize that voice viciously whispering in your ear: ‘Shouldn’t you know what your passion is by now? You are XY years old and you still don’t have it crisp and clear? Are you sure this one will be right?’

Many who have attended Go Mad in 6 days have come with the expectation of discovering their true passion. And many left with the realization that their lives are so much richer than only having that one and only passion.

{Gooooaaaaal, I hear across the waters.}

What passion means to me is an abundant bundle of talents, dreams and values that give us energy and make us feel warm inside. These little puzzle pieces of joy and (sometimes secret) pride are the faces of what we call passion. At first glance, these talents, dreams and values might look scattered and disconnected but I bet you that together they make a beautiful unique mix with your name on it.

In my case, my mother begged me to focus, to choose! But everything was so compelling to go deeper! And now, if I describe my talents and think further what I really like about them, I am slowly shaping the way I live my life in passion.

I love languages (I speak 6 of them); but what I really love about them is the systems thinking, combinations, riddles, sense of discovery and connections I am able to build with people when talking their mother tongue. And these are also my talents.

I also love nature and what I enjoy about it is the freedom I feel when looking into the deep green, the sense of belonging I feel when entering natures’ judgment free zone. Freedom and acceptance are my values.

I followed the call to become a teacher but what I realized on the way was that I was drawn to this profession because it gave me the opportunity to act, sing and dance in front of a class. Most of all it enabled me to create learning environments where people learn what is important to them.

Passions’ function is to enrich your life and make you feel good about yourself. To give you clarity on how you want to live your life. Your passions are only yours, hence, they can be a never ending source of energy and inspiration.

Now I am slowly connecting those yummy goodies of my life into Go Mad that became an expression of my dreams and aspirations, a sandbox for me to play in and explore. You know what else? I love it.

A little step towards recognizing your passion(s) could be writing down all the occupations, hobbies and trainings you have done. Then think of what gave you most satisfaction. Start making a list of your talents, dreams and values and find a special place for that list. You can always go back to it when you need self-reassurance you are on the right path.

Another way to recognize passions is to follow your fear of sharing the passion or talent in question with the people you think highly of. More about that in the next blog post.

For now I leave you to your explorations of your passions. I hope you have a blast!

Love, Neža