Why you should tell Shawty to keep it simple

KISS. Do you know this acronym? I like to say Keep It Simple Shawty!

When I was growing up I heard it a lot. Not because I was short, quite the opposite, more likely because I was an extremely frustrated kid. I remember throwing a tantrum trying to spread hard refrigerated peanut butter on my pancakes and ripping holes in them. I just wanted it to be easy and simple to eat my pancakes with peanut butter. Finally, our family came to the consensus that peanut butter belongs in the cupboard. Huge shift in paradigm for us.

It goes to show that the simplest acts, advice, or choices can make all the difference in the world. 

Monday afternoon we held our first entrepreneurial networking event at the Knowmads Greenhouse co-working space. It was the kick-off to our mission in creating a support system where you as an entrepreneur can grow your business, contribute your talents, and build genuine connections in a judgement free zone. 

There were 14 entrepreneurs there with 11 different nationalities represented. Talk about diversity. Ok, I guess we will. The Netherlands and Hungary were the only countries counted more than once. And we even had someone from Liechtenstein which you could say is a miracle since they only have a population of 36,000 so the odds of a Liechtenstonian attending one of your events is something like .00001128 but don't take our word for it, we're entrepreneurs not statisticians. 

A lot of great things came out of the event. Four people pitched their projects and from there were taken through a process by us, Neza and me, to bring out the wisdom of all the attendees to accelerate their projects further. It was very simple, shawty. 

So simple, yet so effective. Witnessing the project pitchers gain valuable insights right and left within 90 mins all with the power of a few guided questions, eager people to contribute with their knowledge and talents, and some juicy facilitation (we like to squeeze all that we can out of a group...wisdom, it's so sweet and juicy). 

So if you find yourself stuck in a project, feeling overwhelmed, or don't know where to start, there's no need to rip your pancakes. Say out loud to the person sitting next to you, "Keep it simple, Shawty!" And allow the thoughts of simplicity to flow through you. Answers will come. Break it down to the simplest step and keep it simple.

Join us, Go Mad, at our next entrepreneurial networking event Tuesday, June 24 at the Knowmads Greenhouse. Contact kristin@gomadwith.us for more juicy details. 

Have a great one,