Know what you stand for

A strong sense of resistance rose inside of me. We should change the way we are? No freakin’ way!

A couple of days ago we had a conversation about where we want to expand to as a company.

We said to the person curious that we are dreaming of working with even more companies who want to work differently. The person had the opinion that we should change a bunch of things about ourselves in order to be able to attract more company clients. 

"You should stop acting as if you don’t care how you look.” the person said. “You should use different words, use different colours on your website.” etc. 

Boy, I was triggered. A strong sense of resistance rose inside of me. We should change the way we are? No freakin’ way! 

Go Mad_what is your way of doing business

I told my partner the story at home and he asked me: “What would be left of you if you changed all those things?

My point exactly. 

Human race has such a strong wish to belong that we are doing all sorts of crazy adjustments to the way we behave, clothe, even walk or write. With the sole aim to feel part of a tribe. 

Well, I say no to belonging for the price of denying myself the freedom to be me. I stand for who I am and what I choose to represent. I say yes to being my authentic self and that comes with me wearing colourful clothes and hardly any make up. It comes with me dancing in the office and laughing out loud when in meeting with a client. The sole reason for that is because then I feel comfortable in my skin and can give my best to whomever I am conversing with. 

After I digested my annoyance with the strong advice to change the way I go about my life, a great sense of gratefulness overflew me. I realised that that statement reminded me of what I stand for. It reminded me of how important is to be who you are. It reminded me that we started Go Mad with the purpose of creating programs where people can be their true selves. No pretensions. Simply you. 

We wrote more about working differently in our free workbook you can download here. Enjoy the reading and we are eager to hear what you have to say. 

Cheers, Neža