Mad Love

I went completely Mad in 6 days and met the love of my life

Have you ever done something so amazing and cool in your life that it left you completely excited, amazed, and madly in love? 

That is what happened to me after taking part in a 6 day training program in Amsterdam by a company called Go Mad. This company is led by two totally mad entrepreneurs called Kristin and Neza. They call themselves Freedom Consultants. What does that mean?  

It means that they teach you how to undo yourself from all your limiting thoughts and beliefs that are stopping you from living your dream life. They show you how you can gain more personal freedom and shape your life to your desires.

During this course, Neza and Kristin worked with us in an integral way. We danced to learn how to co-operate. We meditated to get a clearer view on what our dream life looks like. We played with lego to learn how to create structures. We learned great entrepreneurial tools: how to get your project from the ground and work out your vision, purpose, goals, and all the other things to make your project (and business) succeed.

We started every day with a check-in and ended with a check-out, which made sure we were fully present and focused on our intentions for that day.

living passionately

In one of the exercise, we had to bring home 10 pancakes (Yes, you can make delicious vegan pancakes). We weren't allowed to use any money, and we could not use the workshop's kitchen. We ended up scoring all the ingredients from Bagels&Beans (where they serve delicious vegan meals by the way) and used my brothers kitchen to prepare the pancakes. They turned out quite well, as we ended up topping them with the leftovers of my brothers cupboard - rum, walnuts and hagelslag (which is a nice, more complicated Dutch word for chocolate sprinkles!). Mission accomplished.

What does baking pancakes have to do with doing business? What I’ve learned through this exercise is how to create value from nothing. How to set your goals and get them done. How to incorporate your core values (I wanted the pancakes to be vegan, for instance) and how to communicate with the outside world and your team-partners. All in a fun and playful way.

Also, I learned that for me, even though baking pancakes is super fun, I'd much rather create fruit salads! That fueled me up even more to continue my work to share my love for fruits and veggies.

As interesting as all these exercises sound, there is something even more exciting and juicy that happened during this course, that I can't wait to talk to you about.

The Dutch are known to be very direct in their approach. But during this course I met someone who took that to a whole new level...

I spent the 6 day program together with 6 other participants. All of them were excited, mostly young entrepreneurs looking for ways to gain more clarity on what truly drives them. 

Amongst this lovely group of dedicated people there was one person that really stood out to me. And it so happens that I can now call this person my life partner. How did that happen?

He asked me on a date the day that we met. It was his directness that showed me:  this guy is serious. During the following six days we discovered we share the same dreams in life. Dreams of living in the tropics for part of the year, becoming fully independent entrepreneurs, inspiring the world to live a happy, healthy lifestyle.

mad love

We went on our first date 4 days after we met. Now, 2 months later, we just booked a trip to Hawaii, where we will attend the Woodstock Fruit Festival in April 2015. We plan to celebrate New Years together in the mountains of his home country, Slovenia. Did you know it is the only country in the world that has the word Love in it? Isn't that awesome?

I am so happy to be with such a beautiful man who is willing to go on a journey with me. I feel totally surprised by the level of dedication, commitment, presence and deepness that I have experienced in our contact. It allows me to touch upon even deeper parts of myself, and truly open myself to love and happiness.

So, should you take part in the Go mad program to find your life partner?

I can’t guarantee that you will find your love during the course. I do think that knowing what is important to you in life and finding ways how to make it work is most important to attract things into your life, such as a partner.

Whether you are interested in finding out more about yourself, want to learn how to gain more personal freedom and focus into your every day life or just want to experience a fun program, the Go Mad team can help you.

Their next workshop takes place from April 11-13th and April 17th-19th in Amsterdam. 

They also have a free Workbook available which you can get by signing up for their Newsletter. Go get yours now at 

What does your dream life look like? Do you dream of being in the tropics, or would you rather build an igloo in the Arctics? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.


With loads of Love and Sweetness,

Leonie Gabriella

Leonie Gabriella inspires you to become the happiest & tastiest version of yourself with sweet and juicy fruits and vegetables. Find delicious recipes and inspirational videos on food and lifestyle on her website