My last day of work (...ever?)

I worked part time while doing everything possible for Go Mad to become a sustainable company. With time I realized I was in fact clinging onto the last threads of my belief I grew up with - you need a job for security.

And then it hit me: that type of security doesn't work for me anymore. I want to create my reality with offering what I am good at and have fun with it along the way.

My talents and vision - they are my security now.

And that notion alone was a scary realization. There is nowhere to hide anymore.

A month ago was my last day at work. I spoke to Kristin on the phone while walking towards the office of the company I worked for. I said: “Hey, it is my last day at the company. … Oh, shit! I think this might be the last day I am working for anyone else! Waaaa!” And then we were jumping with excitement on both sides of the line.


Then another feeling came - a feeling of possibility, inner freedom and … power.

The power of creating my own reality, being the boss of my time, being responsible for my own mistakes. In a split second I realized there is no way back. It was the first time this type of power and knowing didn't scare me.

Now the security is in myself.  I trust that whatever is thrown at me (opportunities, threats, or possibilities) my talents and vision will always be there to get me through and I know I'll thrive in any situation. 

I love being aware of my new belief about security. It's so freeing to know that I'm my own security, not a job. Because I am the best asset for the success of my life.

Much Madness,



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