Day 6: Merel Going Mad

Today was one of those day that flew by and at the same time seemed to last forever.

My intention that I set for myself today was : Accepting.

Accepting everything that would come to me today, everything in every form.

Because of the pressure (not really pressure but I can't come up with a better word right now) that I have been feeling the past 2 days I've been feeling like I wanted to hide. So that's why I set this intention for myself, NO HIDING, but accepting and embracing.

One of the last things in a game we were finishing up from yesterday was to make a network connecton for our projects.  The connecting I made was with one of my friends (who is a DJ) and was greater than I ever imagined.
A very exciting connection! 

After the game we had to come up with a 2 min pitch/presentation about our project. Another thing I had never done before, I felt like running outside, slamming my head against the wall, or doing something else very stupid. Just because it scared me that I had never done it before.
But it went pretty good. I wrote it without thinking too much and I got some really good feedback on it.

The last day isn't a last day if there wasn't another presentation.
This time we had to make a 4 min pitch about the things we learned this week.

But I sat down with my peace of paper and I blacked out!

I have learned so many things in the past week but had no idea where to start.
So I looked through my book and just wrote down all the things that had been coming back to me.
My presentation was me, sitting on the floor with the explorer hat, talking about my black out and from there I just talked about how I felt at that moment.

That was me just being me like I always am; emotional and open about my feelings.

Our last check-out of the course was outside in the garden.  We got to wear the explorer hat again and we ended our check-outs with bubbles...lots and lots of bubbles! Beautiful!

So how do I feel now after 6 days of madness?

I feel very energetic, restless, tired, happy, excited, proud, connected and grateful. I guess these might be the words for me to explain how I have experienced Go Mad.

I met amazing people who I hope to see again and to share more of our upcoming stories.

Thank you Kristin and Neza for given me the opportunity to participate in these beautiful 6 days! You cracked my brain in ways that I didn't even know it could crack :)