Day 2: Merel Going Mad

What I really love about the Go Mad project is that we start our day with a check-in and we end our day with a check-out. This really gives me the opportunity to focus on my day and leave the rest of the world outside.

Today after our check-in we did 13 minutes of meditation, it was my first time meditating and I have to say that I really really enjoy doing it. Even though there were a lot of other people walking around in the building we focused on our group and our sexiness ;)

We did an exercise called " who am I" and tried to find all my talents that I use in different situations. Part of this exercise was a talent triads; we talked about our talents and I think we all got amazing feedback from each other. I felt very connected with my group!

One thing I discovered and enjoyed today was my simplicity of thinking.
The insight for me is that there is no right or wrong in the way to think. Just think about it ;)

The first day we went dreaming about our future and today we went a little further on this. Building models of our dream futures and drawing them out, I really enjoyed this exercise.

All our drawings are now on the Go Mad wall of dreams!

I really love how Kristin and Neza really do their best to makes us feel at home.

One thing I love about this course is that they never really ask you to do anything or to think about anything.
They invite you to do something or to think about something. For me the word "inviting" is very friendly and doesn't give you any pressure.

It's very welcoming to be invited to do something.

And for me the most amazing thing we did today was a Body-party!
We all had so much fun dancing around, acting crazy and weird. I was totally in my element while doing this, never stop the dancing!

My "intention" of today was Awareness.
I wanted to be fully aware of the things I was going to learn today, and I did.

Another great and beautiful day at Go Mad.
4 days to Go Mad, let's do this!