Day 5: Merel Going Mad

When I started this course I knew the last 3 days would be the hardest.

Well today is our second to last day and my head is spinning

So many thoughts and ideas are running around in my head, it feels like my head is exploding from all the things I've been learning. Its amazing.

Today we started with a body-massage, massaging ourselves. I know it sounds weird but it was actually very nice. Closing your eyes while listening to very calming music and just feeling every part of your body, every bone, it was our body warming up for the day.

Today was about teamwork and how to work on a project together.

We did some team building, 5 people, 10 feet and making sure we all got to the other side of the room with 10 feet, and then 9 and then 8 and so on. Its funny how difficult you can make things that are actually very easy.

 But we also decided to challenge ourselves, apparently we did something they had never seen before. Again so much fun!

Then we all had to come up with elements you need to start a project. Doing this as a group was also one of our challenges and we did good but there was also a lot of confusing during the process. Working together on something with 6 people who all think differently makes things complicated sometimes but it is also a way of learning.

Our last exercise of the day, which we'll continue tomorrow, was to all work on our projects in teams.

Finding out our purpose of the project, our vision, our goals was actually all we finished by the end of the day. The rest will come tomorrow.

For me it was very nice to work together with my team and to see how they were brainstorming about their projects. Seeing what their thoughts are and how they work. Very inspiring for me.

Coming to the end of this 6 day course I look back at the first day and what my expectations were.

But this course has been going far beyond my expectations!

Everything about it. The people, the things I've been learning and even more that right know I have a hard time to think because I'm so tired.
I think a lot of things happen for a reason.  I came back from 4 months in Thailand a month before I was supposed to. But if I hadn't come back I never would have joined Go Mad and I'm so happy I did.

So bring on that last day! Let's get more confused and let's get more clarity on things at the same time. Crack my brain, make me want to hide, because I know I can do this.

I already did and its the best feeling EVER!