Day 3: Merel Going Mad

The Go Mad intention of today was all set for us: Weirdness!

Oooh I love being weird but naming one thing that makes me weird is very hard.

Today we had to do a challenge, so we started our day at Museumplein instead of at Knowmads.

From the moment they told us to meet at Museumplein I knew we had to do something weird because there would be people around.
So instead of our normal body warm-up we did a game of Bear and Stork! It was the funniest thing ever, running around acting like you are a bear trying to catch the stork. Amazing morning.

Our challenge sounded easy but in the end it wasn't. I have to keep shut about this challenge because I don't want to ruin it for those who are reading and are planning to Go Mad in one of their courses. Surprise elements are always fun.  

I can tell you this:  I thought this challenge was going to be so easy for us knowing that my whole family lives not to far from Museumplein. But of course when you think something will be easy it is not.

During this challenge I discovered once again that my family is what makes me feel safe and that it was so normal for me to just run up to them expecting them to be there for me. It's something I'm working on.

One thing I really appreciated about the challenge was the time I had with my fellow Go Madder because we got to know each other a little bit more.

Back at Go Mad we got to try out our poem skills.

The thing that keeps coming back to me for the past few days is my " simplicity of thinking". My poem was very short, but I found out is was also very powerful. This for me was very emotional because for several years I've had the feeling that I lost my words.

I used to be a writer in the past. Writing poems and story's but the words left me somewhere during the years.

I have to say that this course is very intense but in a good way.

Every day I learn a lot about myself, my emotions, my values and my dancing skills ;)

One thing I really love about today is that we burned some of our beliefs, beliefs that stop me in my daily life. Beliefs I tell myself are true, but they are actually not true.

It was a relief burning them and knowing that it's just my head telling me they are true.

Another amazing day with a very relaxing check-out!

Lets see what the next 3 days will bring me/us!