Day 1: Merel Going Mad

A portrait of Merel

A portrait of Merel

Merel here again!

This time reporting on my first day out of 6 days of going mad. I'll do my best to give you the inside scoop...

It was a very powerful first day with a lot of emotions and fun.

I am surrounded by a very nice group of people and already feel connected to them.
Its good to have people around you who are also very open and just say what they feel at the right time.

In one day there was talking, writing, drawing, dancing, connecting, feelings, presentations, honesty, insecurity, embracing and crying.

We talked about our hopes and our fears which can be difficult when you dive into a group of people you don't know. But we all did it and I think that's something that makes us all stronger.

One of my fears for these 6 days is that I might be too emotional and of course I did get emotional on the first day.

I discovered what makes me feel safe but just as interesting, what makes me feel safe also makes me really scared at the moment.

Finding out what my top 5 values are at the moment by crossing off other values really makes me think about what is important to me and what is not.

It's a strange and maybe even painful way (for myself) to find out what my top 5 values are in life. But after asking myself some questions about these values, everything now makes more sense:

My core vales all connect in a way.

Merel bringing her awesomeness into Go Mad

Merel bringing her awesomeness into Go Mad

We closed the day by listening to music with our eyes closed and dreaming about our futures. It put me in a very calm state of mind.

I had an amazing dream for my future and at the moment the best I can describe it is that it made me feel really good.

Possibly the toughest thing about the first day was that my brain hasn't had to work this hard in a while.

I'm not normally the kind of person who sits down with someone (for fun) to think about how I feel about certain things. I can actually feel my brain cracking inside my head and see dust flying out of my ears ;)

I can say overall it was a very good first day. I have already learned a lot and I cant wait to see what more is to come.