Go Mad in 6 days with Merel

Go Mad in 6 days is coming up next week and we want to give you the inside scoop as to what the heck happens in those 6 days.

We've enlisted a brave participant who has decided to go mad with us this October. Her name is Merel and you can follow her throughout the week to see what Go Mad in 6 days is all about.

Every day she'll post what she's going through on our blog. What's moved inside her, insights, A-ha moments, vulnerable moments and whatever else Merel is experiencing.

What we love about Merel is that she tells things how she sees it.

She's dutch so she has the straightforwardness down as an art. Go Mad is mad about honesty!

Before the 6 days start we want to introduce Merel to you.

Enter Merel:

My name is Merel Meister (call me M if you like) and I'm almost 28.

Born and raised in one of the most beautiful streets in Amsterdam, the same street where my family has lived for over a hundred years.

I'm very close to my family because of this. My parents, my brother, my sister and her family all live on this street and therefore we have a very special bond.

Coming from a very technical family, I've been working at several hardware stores and building companies. 

Most of the time being the only girl on the job surrounded by men. Let's just say I know how to let myself be heard if I need to. 

I've been in 4 relationships (in 10 years time) and always thought that I didn't need to be by myself.

Almost 3 years ago when my last relationship ended I decided it was time to get to know myself.

I literally stood in front of the mirror and I introduced myself to myself.

I told myself I was going to be the only person I was going to grow old with, so I better start loving myself!

And this is were everything started to change.

I had some years of stress, like most of us, but then last year I discovered I had this hair condition called alopecia.

Basically it means you lose your hair. 

I've always been a very open person with nothing to hide, so for me it felt more then normal to be open about it.

 It wasn't a secret to anybody.

I went traveling to Thailand for four months to learn more about myself, who I was and all the question that come with it. I learned a lot about myself, met people from all over the world and had the best time ever.

At the end of my trip I decided to shave my head, because the alopecia had grown so fast that I had 3 big bald spots on my head.

I stopped shaving last October and my hair grew back. If you see me now, you probably wouldn't even notice I had alopecia.

Last Saturday I came back from another 4 months in Thailand and Laos.

This time traveling I have learned even more about myself, I have felt happiness, sadness, anger, homesick, love and pain.

I think traveling by yourself is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself

M in Thailand

M in Thailand

The reason why I'm joining Go Mad is to discover more about myself. To see how my experiences have actually effected me and what I can do with that. 

The 6 days I have ahead of me scare me a little bit, because I don't know what's going to happen. But I will embrace every emotion that comes with it.

See you on Monday!